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Attention to Detail

The following gallery is dedicated to all those thousands of details that make the big Seacoast Guns uniquely interesting. We sincerely hope that the viewer of these pages can get a sense of what it’s like to get up really close to one of these monsters. We will try to reveal what is mostly covered up with multiple layers of very heavy black epoxy paint. Sometimes you have to squint a little to see what is down in the corner or in that dark recess, in the shadow of a 10,000 pound tube. Hats off to the Denver, CO Parks Department. The only seacoast guns in the country that we have located so far, which do not have multiple coats of detail hiding paint, are right here in our own backyard. Located in a beautiful park, just south of the Denver, CO Zoo are three magnificent seacoast guns, a 13 inch Seacoast Mortar, Model 1861, a 100 Pdr. Parrott Navy Rifle, and an 11 inch Dahlgren Shellgun. They are proudly displayed for all to see without that heavy black paint. And, guess what ! They are not rusting !! They all have a beautiful brown patina so thin that you can see every chisel and file mark put there by artillery artisans 140 to 150 years ago. There is not one flake of red, active, rust anywhere. If any park employees are reading this, LISTEN UP, you have it right; DON’T run out there and start painting !! You have it right………You really do. The surfaces on these guns look just like a fine Brown Bess Musket barrel, a pleasant light brown glow in the sunshine. Enough of that. Enjoy the photos.

Navy Gun, Markings on Reinforce

Naval Breech Reinforce Markings by Seacoast Artillery Company

Bottom of the 1859 Seacoast Chassis at Fort Pulaski near Savannah, Georgia

Seacoast Artillery Company Duplicates Rivets, Bolts, Brackets, and Hooks

U.S. Navy Anchor Mark on an Original 100 Pdr. Parrott Tube

Details Like This One are Worth Looking For!

Original Trunnion Markings

Left Trunnion Markings

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