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Parrott 100 Pdr Specifications

Barrel (called the TUBE)
Weight: 45 Pounds
Length: 25.708 Inches
Bore Diameter: 1.067 Inches
Bore Length: 21.667 Inches
Rifled Bore: 9 Grooves, Gain Twist, (Zero to 1 Turn in 36 Inches, R.H.)
Reinforce Diameter:
4.317 Inches
Material: 4150 Ordinance Steel
Finish: Authentic Texture Polish and Hot Gun blue
Tube Construction:
Entire tube, including cascabel, reinforce, trunnions and front sight boss is lathe turned and milled from one solid 216 pound “ROUND”.
Heat Treatment:
32 on the Rockwell ‘C’ Scale

The Carriage we re-created is an exact duplication of the 1859 Iron, Center-Pintle, Seacoast, Barbette, Carriage.
Weight: 25 Pounds
Composition: The Upper Carriage, with elevation screw and reinforced trunnion cradles without capsquares, is just like the original. A Lower Carriage is provided and called the “Chassis” with traverse wheels and special compound angle forks which allow 360 Degree Carriage rotation and support the Chassis at a precise 3 Degree forward inclination as per original specs.
Material: 4142 pre-hardened alloy steel with over 250 custom-made nuts, bolts and rivets. Not one piece of hardware is purchased “over-the-counter”. Seacoast Artillery Co. makes all hardware exactly to 1/6th scale.
Construction: The cheeks of the Upper Carriage are extremely rigid, riveted and bolted assemblies. They are joined, as was the original, by a curved, bolted brace. The upper carriage wheels are cast using a lost-wax process with the surface texture of the sand-cast originals. The functional, eccentric axle rotates in bronze bushings. Dogleg shaped upper carriage retainer brackets are also present as are a pair of the long, angle-iron, alignment guides. The Chassis is an extremely rigid, riveted assembly joining two classic-shaped I-beams with vertical transoms and horizontal cross-plates. The middle plate on the bottom side is large and joined to the I-beams by 6 rows of rivets and two angle-irons. The pintle-plate with it’s receiver hole for the pintle-pin is securely bolted to the chassis’ bottom, middle plate. Two eccentric axle wrench/handspike combination tools hang from eight individually blacksmithed implement hooks bolted to the sides of the chassis. These beautiful serpentine hooks duplicate the early, artistic style of hook. After 1862, these hooks had a “cookie-cutter” mass-produced shape.

The Base is an exact one-sixth scale recreation of the earthen-work fort platform which was used most notably in the defensive ring of Civil War forts protecting Washington, DC and also in seacoast forts such as Fort Constitution located in New Castle, NH in Portsmouth Harbor. The original design kept the artillerymen up, out of the mud, and also provided support for the traverse circle tracks and a precise location for the pintle-pin, about which the gun rotated 360 degrees.

Weight: 20 Pounds
Base Diameter: 23.50 Inches
Traverse Circle Dia. : 21.333 Inches
Base Height: 3.30 Inches (not including pintle-pin)
Materials: Red Oak Base Alloy Steel Pintle-Pin and hdw. to handle the shock of recoil. Low-carbon steel traverse-circle tracks. Green felt applied to bottom to prevent any scratching of furniture.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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