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    32 Pdr. Bureau of Ordinance Guns of 4,500 Pounds

I last visited the Old Stone Fort and its two Civil War Cannon when I was eight years old and in third grade at the Lark Street Elementary School In nearby Cobleskill, N.Y. about 50 years ago. I did remember the general shape of those guns, however, and before we arrived, I told Mike that I thought they were 9 Inch Dahlgren Shell Guns. This was before I checked Wayne Starke`s National List of Surviving Civil War Artillery. The shape of the 32 Pdr. Bureau of Ordinance Guns is very close to that of the Dahlgren Shell Guns. One of the many details visible in the photo, is the naval lock base on the right which is completely machined for attachment of the Dahlgren Naval Lock. The left one is merely sawed so that fairly simple chiseling could remove the material still in the left slot area. Only the right-hand lock pivot pin hole and the off-center right-hand vent is drilled.


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