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    Upper Carriage front and Eccentric Axle

The eccentric axle is at full engagement; note the position of the pin on the axle against the stop on the bushing. Also note the position of the eccentric axle wrench handle to the left and the gap between the upper carriage and chassis rail. The carriage is now ready to roll forward into firing or `battery` position. In order to have the piece look like it is brand-new and recently inspected by the Army or the Navy ordinance inspector, you must have numerous quality steps in your manufacturing plan. These steps become extremely important when you consider that, in addition to looking good, you must also guarantee 100% function on every moving part. We spare no expense in this area. We know from years and years of general manufacturing experience, when to assign close tolerances and when this practice is a waste of time and money. Incidentally, we do very, very little re-work. Because we are so careful during the piece-part manufacturing process, these parts tend to fit together just right when they are assembled.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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