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    The 7 Inch Treble-Banded Brooke Rifle in Battery Marion on Sullivan`s Island

Courtesy of the United States Library of Congress, this photo shows the 25,000 pound gun and carriage in Battery Marion approximately 200 yards west of Fort Moultrie, guarding Charleston, South Carolina. This gun saw plenty of action in 1863 and was actively defending Charleston`s outer harbor up until the war`s end. Fort Moultrie was a popular target for Federal ships when they tired of restacking the rubble of Fort Sumter. Most of the formal structure of Moultrie was gone and there were stairways to nowhere here and there. Large sections of masonry just weren`t there anymore. At Battery Marion, you can see that one of the two Palmetto Palms that graced the battery had many of its fronds trimmed in a haphazard manner by Federal shell fragments.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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