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    Cascable Breakage Problem Solved

The massive `mushroom` head cascable was a brilliant Rodman solution to the age-old problem of fragile, knob-style cascables. The old style elevation or depression method was to put an iron tipped lever through the fulcrum device and into the ratchets to lift the breech when depression of the muzzle was called for. The preponderance, or extra weight to the rear of the trunnions was utilized to lower the breech when tube elevation was called for. When the weight of seacoast guns went beyond about 20,000 pounds, it became necessary to dispense with the preponderance. However, as everyone knows, a ratchet is useful in one direction only. The problem was this: with the tube balanced, what was going to depress the breech when increased muzzle elevation was called for? The row of socket-shaped pockets going vertically up the back of the breech and a modification of the fulcrum device and lever tip solved the elevation problems regarding heavy ordinance.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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