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    The Confederate Gunner`s View

You can see how the gunner aimed at the ships in Flag-Officer A. H. Foote`s Federal Navy Fleet of four ironclad and two wooden gunboats. This is a 32 Pdr. Seacoast Gun. It represents at least eighteen 32 Pdrs in four separate batteries commanded by Confederate Capt. J. Dixon. These 18 guns, a 10 inch Columbiad, a rifled gun and two howitzers comprised what is called, the Water Battery. They would be firing mainly shells at the ships of the Federal Navy flotilla. The Confederate gunners destroyed the Union Fleet within an hour and a half on February 14, 1862 after it attacked their positions. The Navy suffered 54 killed and wounded and one vessel, the USS St. Louis was holed an incredible 59 times in this short action. Several vessels spun helplessly out of control and drifted downriver, completely ineffective. The rest soon followed these two, having been thoroughly thrashed by the Confederate guns. Water Battery Commander, Capt. Joseph Dixon was the only casualty among the Water Battery artillerymen.


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