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    Hardened, Red-Brick Demibastion Embrasure

This embrasure was the camera position in the previous photo which looks down the length of the ravelin moat. Four rifle loopholes are also evident here. The gorge wall also has 20 to 30 rifle slits as well. Don`t forget the barbette level cannon either. They would help quite a bit to deter a land based attack with large caliber solids,case shot, shells, grape shot and canister. Could that circular pattern of five slots be made up of powder magazine ventilation ports? We think so, because the pattern viewed is in the northern end of the gorge wall on the western side of Fort Pulaski. The Federal shells struck the parade wall of the magazine in the fort`s northwest corner diagonally across from the breech they made in the fort`s southeast truncated salient curtain-wall.


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