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    Lots of Hand Filing Done in Our Shop

Many small details are filed by hand at Seacoast Artillery Company. If you know how to control a file, this can be an efficient way to get smaller details fashioned on a part. Except for the upper carriage wheels, our low volume doesn`t justify the substantial expense of a mold for a wax positive for the `lost wax` or `investment casting` process. You have to pay attention to what method was used in the 1860`s as well. The upper carriage wheels were cast, because any other method would take an inordinate number of hours to finish just one. We cast our wheels as well. It is simply the best method then and now. We have a combined 70 years experience filing large and small parts. We can file four equal bevels on each of 60 square headed bolts in one hour, that is 240 precise surfaces in 60 minutes. You can either farm this work out if the cost is reasonable which it is not, or you can buy an expensive cnc machine to do this and maybe a few other tasks. Frankly, we plan on being in business until retirement WITHOUT ANY DEBT. Besides we prefer to do the work ourselves, especially the type of work that can be done without a lot of thinking. We have plenty of the deep thinking, don`t make the slightest error here, type of work on almost all the larger, more complex, parts.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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