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    The Rifling Alone Displays Extraordinary Detail on a Cannon in This Scale

Mike and I first spotted this gun almost thirty years ago and we decided that if we ever re-created it we would definitely mark our cannon will all those distinctive characters. They are so visually intriguing that we put many hours into the photography and measurement of each and every character. This precise data set was sent to Schwerdtle Incorporated in Bridgeport, Connecticut. They produced all of these custom stamps in a very accurate and professional manner. Using these stamps, Mike and I were able to produce impressions that are exact duplicates of the original marks created at the West Point Foundry in 1864. Mike and I were motivated to produce authentic rifling for this gun`s bore by the fact that almost every last person who stopped to stare at our prototype of the 100 Pdr. Parrott Seacoast Gun at the four large, high quality gun-shows where we displayed it, (the Denver, CO Antique Gun Collector Show, the huge Wannamaker Show in Tulsa, OK, the Houston Gun Show, and the Civil War and Militaria Show in Louisville, KY), unceremoniously stuck a finger down the bore and said, `Where`s the rifling?` Well, not being politicians, we are lousy with spin, so we simply said, `There will be on the customer version.` And so there is.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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