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    The U.S.S. Catskill in Charleston Harbor in 1865

This Passaic-Class Monitor fought in many battles and had the dents and scars on her turret to prove it. During one such altercation with Fort Sumter on August 17, 1863, the ship`s Captain, Lieutenant Commander George Rodgers was killed while directing his ships fire on Confederate seacoast gun positions. The photo was taken after Charleston had been evacuated in February of 1865, if not after the war was over. There are some interesting soveniers displayed on the deck. On the left, behind the white post, is a 12.75 inch Blakely bolt weighing 650 Lbs., then an unknown shell or bolt, maybe a 7 inch Broun, next are two Brooke artillery projectiles followed by the HUGE, 12.75 inch Blakely shell weighing in at about 475 Lbs.


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