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    Thumbs Up! A 5 Shot, 3.25 Inch Group at 100 Yards

We were both really happy with this target. This was with the first successful experimental barrel, meaning the first that was not reamed out and re-rifled at a larger size. Yes, there were a few of those. It also came at the end of two six hour sessions of load development at our `high plains` range in May of 2005. Here at last was proof positive of our ability to produce accurate rifling. The bullets were the same six oz. lathe-turned, solid steel ones we developed six months before. We will do a complete load development chart about six months from now. For now we will say only that we used the minimum amount of powder to get these very carefully made bullets to the target acccurately, about 350 grains of BLACK POWDER, or 20 shots per pound. DO NOT USE ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN REAL, AUTHENTIC, TRADITIONAL, BLACK POWDER IN ANY CANNON. The chronograph results were in the 1,150 to 1,175 f.p.s. range. Our proofs loads are proprietary, but let`s just say that the recoil is vicious, and almost tossed the barrel and test rig off the bench and onto the ground! They were not condusive to accuracy either. Five shot groups were far larger, in the 6 to 8 inch range.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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