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    Right Trunnion Markings on 150 Pdr. Armstrong

The weight. size and `preponderance` is stamped onto the face of the right trunnion. The `preponderance` is the weight in pounds, 809 Lbs., which describes the amount of difference between the weight of the tube behind the trunnions VS the weight ahead of the trunnions, with the portion of the tube behind the trunnions being 809 Lbs. heavier. This was a quick way for the gunner to get an increase in elevation by reducing the height of the elevation screw. The extra weight in the breech end of the tube would cause it to ALWAYS bear on the quoin, which was supported by the pivoting quoin plate which, in turn, is elevated or depressed by a stout elevation screw.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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