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    A Selection of Hardened Bolts for the `Ironclad Tests of 2006`

At 12.5 oz. the big one is almost twice as heavy as our 1/6th scale 95 pound bolt which weighs 7 oz. This was designed to be fired by 3 times the 1/6th scale service charge which was 325 grains of BP as an ultimate PROOF LOAD. DON`T try this in your small bore cannon! A 1 inch thick square piece of boiler plate was the target. A dismounted barrel with a really long fuse was placed at the bottom of a two foot deep pit dug specially for this test! The middle one did a fine job on a .500 thk. boiler plate. The hardened core was an old 1/2 inch gage pin which proved to be very hard and TOUGH. We had really high hopes for the one on the right. It used the Civil War Navy`s theory of lighter, but higher velocity bolts. It was only 5.5 oz with a solid tungsten carbide core. Standard 7 oz. target bolts are in back of these three `specials`.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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