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By far the most important safety equipment we carry to the range is in our heads. A fully engaged brain is absolutely essential to enjoy this hobby safely. If you are easily distracted or have trouble concentrating it`s probably best to try a different hobby. Mike and I are both veterans and have seen enough of the really big ones going off while serving in the Army, Infantry Branch, (me) and in the Navy as a Gunner`s Mate, (Mike) to know that we don't have to prove anything in the MACHO department. Besides, I might want to learn to play a guitar in retirement and he might want to build model airplanes. In either case it is really helpful to have all your fingers for either of those activities. That is why we use a properly made SAFETY, or SHEPHARD`S CROOK, RAMMER, which is easy to use and, if used properly, keeps your hands and fingers away from the muzzle and prevents dismemberment if a premature discharge does occur. In our case the safety rammer consists of two 3/4 inch diameter ash dowels, 23 and 48 inches long and a curved metal, socketed connector which joins them. The longer handle end is gently tapered down to 1/2 inch diameter and sanded smooth so it will easily slide out of your GLOVED hand during a Premature Discharge. The best way to prevent a `Premature` is to follow proper loading procedures and particularly the time limit between firing one shot and loading the next powder charge. Various safety organizations and national groups agree that you should wait AT LEAST THREE MINUTES and Seacoast Artillery Company RECOMMENDS a MINIMUM OF TEN MINUTES.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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