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This ultimate PROOF LOAD SHOULD NOT BE ATTEMPTED BY ANYONE WITH ANY OTHER SMALL CANNON. We performed this test under controlled conditions as an experiment which would provide empirical evidence as to the strength of our cannon fired under abusive conditions. Not one dimension on the tube tested changed at all. We duplicated government directed ordinance manufacturers overload tests in which three times the charge and two times the weight of shot was used to see if the ordinance under study was robust enough to withstand a terrific overload. With cannon maker SAFETY in mind, we dug a two foot deep pit in which to place the completed, fully rifled, barrel to be tested and the 1 inch thk. boiler plate target. A one foot long fuse gave us plenty of time to retire to our splinter-proof barricade. The divot in the plate was .712 inch deep and .935 inch in diameter.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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