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    The First Rifled Barrel Test-Firing Fixture

WE DO NOT SELL THESE TEST-FIRING FIXTURES. They are only used to see if a new or different form of rifling works, before we rifle an authentic profile cannon barrel. We use a 4150 steel round 2.5 inches in diameter and 18 inches long. The test barrel is gundrilled, reamed and rifled just like a cannon barrel would be. The bore on this first one was one inch in diameter and 16.5 inches long. On all of the 1/6th scale Parrott 100 Pdrs. that we have sold and now sell the bore diameter is 1.067 inch and they are 21.667 inches long to the bottom of the hemisperical end of the bore. These test rigs slide on a steel plate clamped to a heavy shooting bench, and are guided by two flat maple guides clamped to the plate. The 35 pound steel chunk helps to simulate one-sixth scale carriage and tube weight. Two pieces of 3/8-16 all-thread recess-bolted to the bottom of the beam secures the test barrel. The 6 oz. steel bullet and an aluminum wrapped black powder charge are shown side by side.


Parrott 100 Pdr

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