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    150 Pdr. Armstrong Rifle, Purdie Battery Sea-Face, Fort Fisher, North Carolina

Probably taken immediately after the fort fell in 1865, this photo shows us that the gun was undamaged by the 40,000 rounds of naval ordinance that fell all around it during two major bombardments by the Federal Navy task force of about 60 ships. Note the shells and bolts to the left, and the roller handspikes left in the carriage lifting position despite the fact that the piece is already `in battery`. Note the cloaks and other cold weather clothing on the men in the photo. Remember the battles took place in December and January of 1864 and 1865, respectively. The Federal seige batteries on Morris Island, SC used enormous quantities of sandbags to revet substantial hills of sand. You can see that the Confederates under Col. William Lamb built their revetments in like fashion. They didn`t have to look very far to find fill material.


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