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Anticipating the expensive duplication of seacoast gun penetration tests of the 1850s and 1860s, we thought it would be prudent to first do some inexpensive testing using readily available materials. We chose two forms of mild steel to substitute for very expensive layered wrought iron plates. We used structural steel, a large sized U-Channel and pieces of Boiler Plate in 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch thicknesses. You will notice in the photos that our company gun is not finished yet. We work on customer guns first,so, when it comes to our having a finished cannon, do not hold your breath. Testing on other authentic materials like masonry, earth, sod covered sand traverses, etc. will be done as we have time. Enjoy the photos!

The Bolt`s Effect on .407 Inch Thk. Structural Steel

Structural Steel U-Channel is Holed

Almost, but NO CIGAR!

The Radiating Cracks in This Plate Indicate Very Mild Steel

Effect on the Dirt Bank Behind the Target

A Selection of Hardened Bolts for the `Ironclad Tests of 2006`

Target Support Structure

The Gunner`s View of the Armor Simulation Target

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