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- Civil War Cannon shooting experiments

We have been spending a great deal of time in the production shop and not as much time at the shooting range. That situation will change in 2008 as we plan a major effort to do the following things:

1. Shoot the 100 Pdr. Parrott with the 6 oz. & 7oz. solid steel target/practice bullet. Extensive load development data will be available as well as accuracy results from 100 to 1,000 yards.

2. Here are photos of cannon shooting already performed.

3. 1/6th scale penetration tests on a variety of materials such as loosely thrown up earth, rammed earth, sod covered sand traverses, scale masonry, both brick and granite, hardened brick embrasures, scale embrasures with Totten shutters and scale, bolted together, wrought-iron targets backed by scale timbers.

4. First rifled test barrel shooting results including data and photos. See photo results of 100 yards accuracy with 5-shot groups, shooting through chronograph screens and clay bank penetration testing. This is the only sub-section which has been developed so far; see text and photos under the menu title, Rifled Test Barrel Shooting.

5. Slow-motion stills and digital video clips of our Civil War cannon in action including emergence of bullet from the muzzle, penetration of scale armor-plated targets and effects of the 6 oz. steel “bolts” on brick and stone masonry. This will probably take about a year to produce as the complexity will be magnified enormously by the scientific demands imposed by this type of photography and the cost of renting these incredibly high speed cameras.

Other Cannon Experiments

1. From the Earth to the Moon

We have always loved Jules Verne’s tale of American efforts to reach the moon with a gigantic cannon projectile fired from a 900 foot long cannon. The 20,000 pound aluminum shell was propelled by a fictional charge of guncotton 170 feet long in the 9 foot diameter bore. Our version would be much reduced, of course, and would be smaller than 1/6 scale for obvious reasons. Details have yet to be worked out.

2. Testing a Petard

These wall or reinforced door smashers have always been fascinating to us. I doubt that we will be able to find a three or four hundred pound bronze bell to use, but I doubt that the besiegers of the 14th or 15th century would turn up their noses at an offer of a cast iron mortar and ten pounds of powder. This experiment will probably produce some interesting photos. Watch for this one in about six months.

3. Use of a Ballistic Pendulum

By making and then using this ancient device for measuring recoil energy, and comparing it to actual chronograph results and modern energy calculations we will be doing something not even thought about for a very long time. Results on this one might take about a year to be published.


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