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Rifled Test Barrel Shooting

We built our rifling machine in the winter and spring of 2004. The testing of the first rifled barrel followed in the spring and summer of that year. You can see the different seasons have a dramatic effect on the color of the prairie grass. The best way to present these simple tests is through the photo caption and description format rather than blocks of text. Take a look below.

The 1.000 Inch, Four Groove Rifled Bore Testing Fixture

Lathe-Turned Bullets

Six Ounce Solid Steel Target Bullets

First Firing of a Test Barrel

First Test Barrel Targets at 25 and 100 Yards

Unstabilized Bolt, .014 Inch Thick Skirt

Bullet Skirt/Rifling Engagement Test

Recoil of About Two Feet

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