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Why Order a Civil War Cannon from Seacoast Artillery?

We had to think quite a while about how to present this section. Neither one of us like braggarts and being very conservative fellows, we really don’t like pushy sales people at all. So, we won’t do any of that. Instead we will merely present our reasons for ordering any unique, extremely limited production, or custom item like a custom English Longbow, or a large bronze sculpture, or a very unique miniature firearm.

The main reason for us would be “pride of ownership” and all that goes with that concept. We are friendly guys so probably the most enjoyable part of that would be the sharing with friends, club members, shooters at our favorite range, antique firearms collector group members or the general public as in a historical display at a Civil War Show. All kinds of topics of conversation open up when people share a unique and interesting item in their collection.

The second most important reason would have to be the knowledge that the uniqueness of the item purchased would not be diminished. We want to know how many of these are contemplated for eventual build. If it were a sculpture, we would want the subsequent copies to be limited to perhaps 25 or maybe 50, NOT 500.

The third reason is that we would like to entertain the rational assumption that this prized item would increase in value. Its rarity is part of this equation as is its quality which should be above reproach. But probably the most important factor is the reasonable prediction of future interest in the item. We think that it is simply logical to believe that all full size OR miniature Civil War firearms or specifically, cannon, can only appreciate in value as that magical year of 2011 approaches. That’s right, the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War now looms large and is only five years away. If this Sesquicentennial Civil War Commemoration does what the Bicentennial did to the price of Revolutionary War cannon, then the decision to order now or to do nothing and miss out must be made soon, very, very soon.

Just a word on our production. It will be very limited indeed. We are a small, specialty manufacturer. We will not get bigger. The two principals make these guns, nobody else. We make 6 to 10 scale cannon per year, never more than 10. We will be doing this until the last year of 150th year reenactments which will be in 2015. That’s it ! So, you do the math. How many? Hard to say for sure, but with four guns planned for the “Magnificent Seacoast Gun Series”, the number may be only 14 or 15 of one and maybe 22 or 23 of another. If you decide to buy one of each you will own the following by about June of 2011:

First……100 Pdr. Parrott Rifle, Model 1861 at Fort Totten in 1864

Second……7-inch Treble-Banded Brooke Rifle at Battery Marion in 1863

Third…..150 Pdr. Armstrong Rifle at Fort Fisher in 1864, 1865

Fourth…..11-inch Dahlgren Shell Gun onboard the USS New Ironsides in 1863

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